Monday, February 13, 2012

Broken Open

133 Hadley Road (1959) John Field

From The Shot, by Elena Schvarts:                                                                     

                                             Today when I awoke my body seemed so light,
                                             as if I'd shot myself last night
                                             with a cherry pit . . . .
                                             What's more, the pit hit its mark,
                                             (despite the dark)— 
                                             in the red earth,  a blizzard of petals,
                                             it landed on fertile ground.
                                                       Not on a footpath it fell,
                                             and not onto rock or thorns
                                             and it waves its white arms
                                             and its snowy blossoms
                                                       In fact (hardly worthy of note!)
                                             something white flowered in my heart— 
                                             it was a sakura blossoming.
                                            All of me— every tiniest droplet of blood— 
                                            growing faint, marveled at this new thing . . . .


My father painted the view from an upstairs window of the house in a North London suburb where, as a young art student, he lived with my mother, a musician, a few years before I was born....

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